On June 24th, was held in Bogotá, the first edition of the Ibero-American Voice Festival, VivaVoz.

It was a high level, unique and historical event in Colombia and South America, which purpose was to pay homage to the voice, and to educate about the Spanish Voiceover industry, in addition to promoting high market standards.

 It counted with the participation of voice talents of all ages and recognized educators of the spoken voice guild.

 Guests such as Ema Rodero from Spain, Dave Fennoy, Joanne Baker and Rudy Gaskings from the United States, Rachael Naylor and his London and international community from “The Voiceover Network”, Rubén Raffo from Peru, master Raúl Aldana from Mexico, the outstanding Silver family  (Armando, Juana and Catalina), Simone Fojgiel from Uruguay, based in Miami, Martha Escobar from Taller de las Voces (Mexico), Antonio Fornaris from Puerto Rico, Rona Fletcher and Sophia Cruz (Mexicans from Gravy for the Brain in Spanish), Reynaldo Infante of the Dominican Republic (guest of honor), the talent director of Mexico, Centauro and Nk Locutores, among others.  In Colombia, Raúl Gutiérrez, René Figueroa, Adriana Serna, Óscar Gómez, Camila Peroni and many others performed, highlighting the generous presence of the ACL (Colombian Association of Broadcasters) with its full board of directors, now with a renewed face and more strong and inclusive than ever.

 To be precise, 17 countries represented in approximately 200 attendees, stands, panels, workshops, interesting talks about technology, marketing, customers, internationalization, networking, voice care, market niches, trends and a number of absolutely valuable information for the job of those who put the soul to the art of transmitting a message through the voice.

The awards of the Avoz academy were also awarded, led by the organization of the event, headed by Isabel Junca and with the endorsement of the “Óscar” of the voice or better known as the SOVAS awards, which are held in Los Angeles, California.

There was great generosity in front of the imparted knowledge, many hopes for the Spanish voice over (considering that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world) and special recognition to the Dominican Republic.  The work of the Avoz Academy Foundation was also presented to promote job opportunities for the neediest;  but beyond the huge and endless agenda, what really stood out this magnanimous event, was the subtext that was made to listen to shouts:

We need to Unite! More than ever, without distinctions of egos, teams, experience, ranks, nationalities, sex or culture;  the times of collaborations have arrived. To move from the elbow to the hand. To believe to create.

We felt in the corridors a huge desire to serve, to respect ourselves, to make the effort of everyone worthwhile, to find harmony, to generate opportunities for inclusive work where we all won.

This time, more than ever before, through art, hearts were heard singing the same song.

It was an absolutely wonderful and inspiring experience for adults and children.  An awakening of all at the same time, a beautiful integration that sheltered high level performances, exercises, good coffee, delicious food, recognitions, long dresses, an unstoppable WhatsApp group and many photos, especially mental and emotional that will never be erased from the  memory of those who had the privilege of attending.