There are many voiceover conferences that are emerging to satisfy the industry demands and what’s causing boom, is Spanish Language, which is fashionable and trendy right now, and maybe in the future, as previously justified in this magazine.

Also, being a voiceover has become something many aspire to be.

Every day, more people are interested in working from home, mastering their own time and just “being themselves” while the words come out through their mouths.

It sounds beautiful. Doesn’t it?

But in real life, being a professional voiceover talent requires much more than what it looks like from the outside.

It’s a very demanding job because every day the supply increases and the demand in the traditional areas decreases.

So, many voiceover talent have taken the chance to search as teams with other colleagues, new horizons, working possibilities and especially ways of expanding their markets.

It’s no secret that the power of empathy and PR is the key to success in the business and nothing better for us, voiceovers, than to gather with a bunch of colleagues that share experiences and tools to save us time and energy in the path of “inside and outside the closets”.

Today a Voiceover talent can become a producer, casting director, agent and even client and because of that, attending conferences or seminars, can become into a very interesting alternative.

In the Spanish market, most English conferences started to save a special chapter for Spanish, and also, new events were created in that language.

All of them have sparked with their own light, exceeding the expectations of many. A big quórum has gathered to share with talent of the highest level, in Spanish and translated English, to share their knowledge, which was unreachable some time ago for many Hispanic people.

We’re excited with the ocean of data that make the world unify, so we can understand each other in a global way.

In terms of Spanish conferences, the next one will be in Mexico from October 18th to 20th, in the Holiday Inn Hotel, Trade Center, DF. Voicemasters is the name of this event and I mention it because it was the first exclusively Spanish voiceover conference and also because, thanks to the support of latin talent, it’s going to have their 3rd version, whereas expected 350-400 participants of 20 different nations.

Their organizers, Patricia Martin and Uriel Batres (voiceover talent from San Luis de Potosi, Mexico) started the event, being fortunate enough to finding a passion wave of hundreds of Latin Americans, hungry to create a solid community where we could implement collaborative economies to promote and take care of each other and the market’s rates.

It’s important to address the fact that during the same dates, WoVO (World Voices) will also have a voiceover conference in Vegas, so the talent will have to pick between both gatherings.

After having attended several of these events, I want to share my personal experience about them.

I think that information is useful and creates the rules, but at the end of the game, what really matters is the quality of the relationships, the friendship that lasts.

So, I think that that’s what conferences are for.

To get out of the booths and the virtual world in order to create emotional tracks that impact us through generous sharing and heartwarming experiences.

The mirrors are the ones that teach us the most and that’s what colleagues are for.

I admire from the English Speaking Voiceover community, their unity. A long time ago they realized that only getting together they could have a healthy environment.

They’re teaching us and we’re assimilating it little by little.

I consider that in these events commitment is established in order to take care of the ocean where we all swim.

Talking and even writing is easy, but only after looking in the eyes and stepping into someone else’s shoes, is when we generate real links that set the compromises.

Today we’re just starting to plant seeds of unity and respect towards our jobs, giving greater importance to the community rather than the personal interests that can harm the industry.

I trust that in the near future, the seeds will turn into huge trees like SAG AFTRA at its golden times.

Little by little, the roots start to grow, until complete deep forests are formed.