Among many talents in the voice-over industry, Camila Peroni, a Colombian born in Medellín, with Italian parents, is currently one of the most recognized bilingual broadcasters in the Latino market, thanks to her extensive career of more than twenty years in the  industry.

Peroni, graduated in advertising at the “Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín”, and with a postgraduate in strategic marketing at Cesa, in Bogota. However, her passion was concentrated from an early age, in broadcasting.  She participated as a voice talent in Caracol Estéreo and the Super Estación in Medellín.  In addition, she became not only one of the 2 female voices in Latin Spanish for Rosetta Stone, but also the official producer and voice coach for content in Latin Spanish.

 Among her client portfolio, she has worked as the promotional voice for “Canal Institucional” and commercial voice for numerous brands such as Rexona from Unilever and Kotex from Kimberly Clark, as well as the well-known department store, Falabella Colombia.  She has also recorder  voices for Visa, Avon, Nestle, History Channel, Bayer, Movistar, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Mattel, Chevrolet, Pepsi, McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Pantene, Nivea, Samsung and many others. She is currently the official voice, in English and Spanish, of Avianca Airlines.

 She has also been the voice of several television and radio shows, including “On Cinema” (produced in Miami, broadcast throughout Latin America), “A Minute To Win”, “Nothing but The Truth”, “K-Pop”  and “America Weekend.

 Has narrated numerous documentaries and short films, an example of them is the award-winning short film “La Escalera” and “Amazonas”.


 Since her arrival to Los Angeles, California, in May of 2018, Camila has had great success as a Voice Over talent.  This is reflected by the warm welcoming given by many agents who work with her, such as: The Atherton Group (TAG), PB Talent Agency, TGMD Talent Agency, ASP Agency, Bohemian Sound, In Both Ears, DeSanti Talents, Production Coordinator (Agency of Broadcasters), Stars, Trailer Voice Artists, among others.

 In the United States, she has participated in important campaigns such as, Youtube Music, Calm, Lifespam, official voice of the Curacao brand and several pieces for the NBC San Diego channel.

 Beyond her personal achievements, Camila seeks to share what she has learned throughout her artistic career, through her blogs and by participating in different conferences such as, Voice Masters Mexico 2018 (with Wovo) and soon in Vivavoz Colombia, talking about the importance of creating a community, standards and good practices in the business, as well as how to approach and expand to international markets.

 After obtaining the SOVAS nomination in 2018 as Best Commercial Voice in Spanish and being a participant in well-known campaigns such as “google my line”, Peroni is dedicated to promoting the unity of voice talent and collaborating in a very successful team that seeks to balance  the standards of her industry.

 This year she was re-elected as a member of the board of directors of the Colombian Association of Broadcasters (ACL) and her goal is to actively work for her association;  in addition to bringing Latin America closer to the rest of the world.

In addition, Camila is an ambassador for the VoiceOver Network, an important global platform founded in London, dedicated to supporting the Voiceover industry. The only printed magazine in the world dedicated to Voiceover (in spanish and english) called The Buzz, is promoted on this platform. For the Buzz, Camila writes articles on a regular basis, in both english and spanish promoting events with some of the most important people in the industry in Los Angeles, California.

Like a voice over Barista…
The Italian side is strong, grounded, experienced. .

The Colombian is sweet, soft & refined.

And just like a cup of coffee: the perfect blend of robust experience with a hint of Latin flavor!





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Known for her broad trajectory as a professional bilingual voice over actor, Camila Peroni has become one of the audience’s favorites. She has proven herself to be capable of adjusting to the needs of her clients and brands, using her multiple abilities and offering a unique and fun vocal rhythm.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (424) 275-7755 (US)
(57) 312-522-6885 (Col)
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Slide During the 10 years that we have been in the audiovisual and advertising world, finding a versatile talent, responsible, willing to work and always available is a difficult task. With Camila we got it all in one! His voice is unique and his talent is impressive. We hope to count on your talent for many more years. Daniel Medina Rueda,, Musical producer & General Manager Mezuena Sound Studio. Bogotá. Colombia. " Slide I have worked with Camila Peroni on different types of projects for local and international clients for more than 10 years, and the results have always been outstanding. His incredible ability to transmit ideas and emotions, combined with his great professionalism and people skills, guarantee success in any project. Jorge Ojeda, Jorge Ojeda, Creative Director Quum AD Agency. Spain & Colombia " Slide Ms. Peroni is a true professional and does excellent work. She takes direction very well and I have found it easy to work with (and direct) her, in her state-of-the-art studio, from here in the United States, using Skype. She is delightful to work with, and I can see why she is in such demand in Colombia. Bob K, BOB K Sound & Recording: known for high quality audio for Live Sound, Music Recording, Radio, Voice Over and Podcasts. Agent for South America’s top bilingual Voice Over Artist. USA " Slide Definitely Camila Peroni, presents an advanced experience with which I form a name, I have imposed its seal in the field of speech with great handling of the voice that allows it to be valid at all levels. Rolando Orduz, Senior Trade Marketing Manager en La U 107.7 Radio. Radio Production. Research and Content Generator. Creative and Strategist for Mass Media. "